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How to Market Yourself for Brand Collaborations

As we all know social media influencers and digital marketing is the wave of the future. Consumers are 30% more likely to purchase product goods from bloggers than those with a celebrity status.

This is why it is important for influencers not only to network and establish a healthy relationship with your following, but with brands as well. Most influencers are under the impression that it requires a large following to pursue business deals with brands. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to influencers who NEVER reach out to brands because of this mindset, DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Mindset in marketing is “key” in how you present yourself and establishing a beneficial agreement between brand and influencer.

Below are some methods that I use myself to secure successful collaborations with brands!

Define Your Goals
What are you looking to accomplish or educate to your audience? While in the process of growing your targeted following, it is important to define goals for yourself on ways you can help benefit both your audience and the brands you wish to collaborate with. Think of all the ways to market their product(s) that fit your niche yet still draw the attention of your audience. This will establish more confidence and opportunity when reaching out to brands. This can be anything from the style of your videos, posts, stories, captions, hashtags, etc. Each element is crucial to the exposure and engagement of your content. Remember no one goes on instagram with the intention to buy things. Consumers either want to be entertained or educated. PERIOD! So my simple advice to this is sell your experience, not the product!

Research Marketing Trends 

  • Micro-Influencer Trends

Once you have established a niche for your content, it is important to research marketing trends that fit your aesthetic. One way to do this is to review other micro-influencers content by looking at the environment, the captions, the hashtags, the overall vibe of the content to gauge what may or may not work for you. This will help provide examples when talking to brands. It is also important to monitor your analytics to determine the best possible time-frames and regions you will market to for best engagement. This information can be used in your marketing strategy when reaching out to brands.

Remember, you don’t exactly need lots of followers to start your digital business and collaborate with brands. In fact most micro-influencer accounts around 1000 followers peak with some of the highest engagement rates!


  • Automation

Marketing automation is a great solution to managing your digital business. As your account continuously grows, you will collaborate with many brands each with different schedules and requirements. One of the ways to ensure you meet these standards is by using automation software to discover, schedule, and manage your content to be posted. This will not only allow you to focus more on the content you produce, but also be more appealing to your audience and brands when you can adhere to a set posting schedule.

Here’s are 3 popular automation tools that I recommend:

Preview App



Make a List
This one is simple, make a list of all the brands on social media you would like to work with. While you may want to immediately reach out to Nike (and no reason why you shouldn’t, there is no limit to who you can work with), try to reach out to more small businesses instead. Most small businesses are eager for the come up, and are more than willing to send you free products in exchange for your services.

Create a Plan of Action
Once you have completed the previous steps, it is now time to create plan of action in which you will share with the brands you want to collaborate with. Brands generally want to know what you have to offer and how they will benefit from what you have to offer. Think of all the methods and services you provide that can be used to market yourself and turn it into a business proposal. Wording is EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing, so you want to present yourself in a way that demonstrates your ability to capture the attention of your targeted audience through your content creation and make it profitable from a business standpoint. It is also important to word your proposal in a manner as if the collaboration is already in affect, this is a persuasive marketing tactic that will en-still it in their mindset.

Using the methods above will increase your overall success rate with brand collaborations, GUARANTEED! Not to mention the more often you do this, the more confident you will be in your ability to market yourself and come up with your own strategies that work best for your account. It is always important to be both confident and consistent always, and you will be UNSTOPPABLE!


Below are examples of content that I have created for some of my collaborations.

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