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My First Time at Roosevelt Row

Everytime I would drive in the Phoenix area, I would always drive by Roosevelt Row. Each time that I do I think to myself, DAMN, I really would like to shoot in this area there is soooo much artwork! Roosevelt Row is a very cultured & art inspired district that demonstrates talents from many artists. This includes restaurants, galleries, music, etc. pretty much anything creative belongs in this area. I was impressed with the amount of artwork you can find on all the walls, sidewalks, buildings, signs, vehicles, everywhere I looked there was a wonderful work of art.

Since then I have had many photo shoots at this location. Each time I discover a new work of art that inspires new poses. It truly is a HOT SPOT for bloggers. I would recommend Roosevelt Row to anyone in the Phoenix area looking to capture a truly cultured aesthetic. 

Photo Credit: Whitney Rose

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